Shale Gas

“Sweet Spots” Services:

  • Natural fracture-shale prediction
  • TOC & Gas evaluation
  • Geo-pressure models
  • Sequence-Stratigraphy and Litho-facies evaluation
  • Hydraulic fracturing design and completion solutions

Executive summary

The number of Gas Wells has increased dramatically in recent years!

When the exploration looks into within the source formations, various factors, which may relate to processes of oil and gas generation and preservation though out a great amount of time, have become major concerns.

– Shale sections associated with source materials (TOC) and “still” classified by grain sizes, seemed to hold more mysterious topics to exploration geologists than expected in the past due to its compositions, processes of deposition, texture, alteration, fracturing and diagenesis.

– Low primary permeability created seals to preserve oil and gas for long periods of time. However, the secondary porosity & permeability may play significant impacts to the exploration in terms of reservoir qualities as well as completion and production technologies.

– Processes of converting different types of Kerogen into oil and gas, in such a closed environment, can generate a great amount of exceeded pressure, which may be added to the existing shale-pressure to create amazing micro-fracture-systems within the source rocks!