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As explorations move into deeper geological sections as well as more challenging rocks, new targets focus more on problems of low Net-To-Gross environment, unconventional preservations and sub-supra salt accumulations. Tonkin GGRE, Inc. (GGRE stands for Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering) is aimed at providing solutions to address these problems where the integration, latest findings and new technologies are key factors of success.

Our Services

Tonkin provides integrated services to improve ROI of your assets.

® Expert Services
® Seismic Enhancement
® Reservoir Study
® Reservoir Engineering
® Reservoir Characterization

® Petrophysical model
® Geo-Pressure model
® Geo-Mechanics model
® Fracture model
® Stimulation & Completion

® Shale properties
® Shale stratigraphy
® Shale fracture
® Gas characters
® The “sweet spots”
® Fracturing & Completion

Knowledge Sharing Activities in Hanoi and Ha Long Bay

Thanks to Stephen Arnold Sonnenberg, Hossein Kazemi, and J. Frederick ‘Rick’ Sarg!